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Just signed a track, I’m going to be a superstar

[written in september 2008]

You’ve just signed your latest trance track, it’s now time to leave your dayjob and enjoy the life of the rich and the famous.. ..or not.

I always knew that today music (especially trance) sells very little, but I didn’t think the situation was this bad. I know that a big progressive house / electro house / minimal hit track, that hits the beatport top10 will sell a nice amount, but everything else on every other store will sell practically nothing.

About a year two ago I had a track on audiojelly top 10, in 8th place. It wasn’t a big hit, but it did alright. I found out that it sold 60 copies on the first half, so it took less than 60 downloads to be the 8th downloaded track in audiojelly. Well that certainly isn’t much, but I kinda knew that might be the case. I though that maybe if i would get into top5 it would sell atleast 100 copies.
Well couple of days ago I received statements of a track that was #2 on audiojelly for a while and hanged in the top10 chart couple of weeks. So I thought it had to sell atleast 100 copies, cause the other track sold 60 copies. but what do i know, it sold 55 copies. 55 copies? The second best selling track in audiojelly at that time only sold 55 copies and audiojelly is said to be the second best selling trance store after beatport, you don’t even want to know how less trance sells on other stores.
Think about it, 55 copies, with a track price of 1,25€, that does 69€, from which audiojelly will take their standard 50%, the label gets 34€ and pays the artist his 50% share. the artist gets 17€ from the track.

Ok so that’s audiojelly, beatport does sell more, but even then only the top10 of trance chart sells more than 200 copies. If your track is #20 or something, the chances are it will sell less than 100 copies.

The question is, what’s the point of signing tracks to labels when only 100 people will get your track. If you would share your tracks for free and promoted them yourself, they would be downloaded atleast 2000 times.
So let me think, do I take 55 downloads + 17€ or 2000 downloads + 0€? I think I’ll go with the latter.