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DJ Mag Top100, my thoughts

[written in august 2007]

Ahh it’s this time of year again and we found our mail boxes full of ‘vote me on dj mag 2007’ spam. And then we pick the guy who spammed first and vote for him, or most likely ignore all the spam and vote for someone completely different.

The DJ mag poll is quite controversial, and mostly thought as a joke in the edm scene, so I would like share some of my thoughts on it.

I’ve actually voted for every year if i remember right. I think the problem is that most people think that the list should somehow represent skillwise who is actually the best deejay, and not the most popular one. But that’s not the point of it, after all, it is a poll. The whole description of polls is that they are surveys of public opinion. In other words show which choice is the most popular one. So what this djmag list shows is that which deejays are the most popular, and that’s what it should be taken as, not as a chart to show who is the best technical deejay in the world.

If we would really want to make a chart showing who is the best technical deejay in the world, we would have to have a contest where few judges would see every deejay in the world play a same length set with the same records. After all we don’t want taste in music to affect on the decision.The judges would also have to be someone who know everything about deejaying, and even then it still would be quite objective.

So no, the dj mag top100 list doesn’t show who is the best deejay, but it does show who is the most popular deejay in the world. For me that’s also quite interesting to know. Now that trance and other styles of edm are growing more and more into mainstream, it will be very interesting to see which deejays get a piece of that cake. And though most people think that this poll doesn’t matter at all, it infact matters a lot for the deejays, because nowadays bookers pay and book deejays based on their position in the list. The higher you are the more gigs you will get and the more you’ll get payed.

With that said this is what I voted this year:

1 Orkidea
2 Matt Darey
3 Andy Moor
4 David West
5 Miika Kuisma