98th Avenue is an electronic music podcast of finnish dance music producer Allende. The styles featured are usually progressive trance and house, but anything from faster uplifting to slower techno, breakbeat and ambient can be played. The show will premier all new Allende material aswell as showcase some of the older stuff from time to time.


I’ve decided to pull 98th Avenue from online radio stations. I feel internet radios are a dying breed anyway. Today’s people don’t want to follow anything with a strickt timeline, tv has been replaced by netflix, hulu, amazon, viaplay etc and radio has been replaced by youtube, spotify and podcasts. People want to decided when to watch/listen to something themselves. So from now on “98th Avenue” will be available as a podcast only that’ll be released without a timeline. This will give me time to find inspiration, motivation and new ideas to make the podcast really stand out from the masses.

to get your tracks featured in the show send promos to:
contact [AT] allendemusic [DOT] net

tracklists & downloads: